Long time no writing, a whole year to be precise and what a year it has been. I don’t really know how I’ve felt in 2020, sometimes stressed, so tired, under pressure and constantly worried. It’s important to remember that one day this will be kind of over, but not really seeing any even tiny ray of light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t help with attempting to coax yourself towards that way of thinking. I try to remember that people have been through similar or worse throughout history and the world keeps plodding on. The earth will heal and we will return to some normality.

Unlike some prolific others, I can’t think of anything notable I’ve achieved since lockdown- bits and pieces around the house, catching up more often with friends and keeping my head above water somehow at work seems to have kept me fully occupied. Lockdown is an exhausting game and coming in and out of it only seems to make it worse. I thought I’d start writing things down, so as to remember these rapidly changing times, let’s be honest, who can remember even what first March lockdown felt like, I felt maybe safe (until the figures started inevitably rising) and very lucky that we have moved into our new house, guilty and scared about my parents being so far away and so very slow and stressed as I tried to keep up with the normal relentless pace of my job from a tiny desk right next to my bed.

It’s important to remember how we felt, we will start to navigate away from this soon and should not forget this time. We will become consumed again by how we think we should be pursuing our journey on this world. Life is worth so much more than that. If we’ve learnt anything important this year, may it be how precious our time on this planet is.

So for an avid resolution maker, is there any point in 2021 New years promises. Do I start to plan out what I want my post pandemic life to be like and start carving the mould for my future? We’ve still got some tough times to come but hopefully soon that chink of light will appear and we can start to see the magic and hope in our futures again. I choose to plan for my post pandemic world, I hope for so much more from the life I realise I’m so lucky to have.