The Sound

A few years ago my New Years Resolution was to listen my way through the Rolling Stone Top 500 albums of all time. (I went 500-1 over the course of the year listening to 2 records a day). I discovered a whole host of different music, and it reignited my desire to find new (to me), exciting bands. ¬†Every Monday when I was younger, I used to head to the record shop and flip through the weeks single releases in the indie bin. I would pick out as many bands I’d never heard of before, in the hope of finding something interesting. This year I have decided once again to seek out new music and one of the first bands I have discovered in 2017 are called ¬†“The Sound”. They were an 80s band from South London, described as post punk and championed by music publications like NME and Melody Maker and also John Peel. I can honestly say I love their music. My favourite album is “From the Lions Mouth which came out to critical acclaim on release, but as a band they never received the recognition they deserved. The Sound’s lead singer Adrian Borland, went on to a solo career for about 10 years, sadly he killed himself under a train at Wimbledon station on 26th April 1999.

If you want to give The Sound a listen find their albums on Apple itunes here >>